Invest and live in a revitalized Buffalo.


I have a vision. A vision of a blossoming city. One with vibrant neighborhoods, dedicated homeowners, and committed landlords. Do you share that vision?



My clients are first time buyers, newcomers to Buffalo, families and individuals ready to upgrade, and responsible investors. I offer personalized, client-centered services to people invested in the dream of a better Buffalo.       


Why work with an agent?

You need someone with the expertise, skills, and passion to find you what you’re looking for. You need someone who puts your interests first. Not every real estate agent will fit that bill – but when you work with the right agent, you’ll find you have a better experience and get a stronger deal. 


Weekly Dispatches

Stories of homeowner’s triumphs, defeats, and bathroom renovations. Tips & tricks to becoming a real estate pro. Profiles of Buffalo’s best neighborhoods (there’s more than just the Elmwood Village, y’all). It’s all here at the Buffalo Home Buyers Club blog. 



Buffalo Through and Through 

As a kid, I'd go ice skating at the Rotary Rink, cheer on the Bills every Sunday, and hang around on Hertel Avenue with my friends. So much in Buffalo has changed since then, but one thing hasn't - my passion and love for this city. 


In the end she saved us so many headaches and heartaches by being honest, thoughtful and savvy. We found the most amazing house, and we owe it to her intuition on what would work for us. 

— Lori S. 


Client-Centered Service

My clients know that they’re my first priority – I keep my operation small so I can focus on individuals and their unique needs. As a result, my clients are satisfied and feel they got the best deal possible.