Spotlight: Black Rock

The first neighborhood of the month is Black Rock! Located in the Northwest section of the city (North of Forest, West of Elmwood), this corner of Buffalo is quickly becoming an excellent option for first time buyers, especially as buyers are being priced out of other neighborhoods in the city. A growing bar and restaurant scene, easy access to the best grocery store in town (ahem, that would be Wegmans), and cheap, livable housing make this a great first-time home buyer’s spot.

Some Black Rock Must-Do’s:

Ashker’s Black Rock: Ashker’s is cheap, healthy and delicious. If you aren’t eating a coconut chocolate chip scone with a pina colada smoothie at this very moment, you should stop reading this article, go to Ashker’s and resume reading once you have these snacks on hand.

The Dapper Goose: This is a good place to take your hipster friends from out of town. Also, the food is just really, really good. And with a constantly evolving menu, it stays fresh and fun every time you go back. 

Sportsmen’s Tavern - Fun fact: one time I came here to watch my friend's boss play in an REM cover band and it was actually fun. That’s probably all you need to know.

Hot Mama’s Canteen - A perfectly unpretentious bar with good beer, good food, and live music.

Housing in Black Rock

Housing in Black Rock is very affordable (the average price of a home on the market in the 14207 zip code is currently around $55,000) but there are some things to keep in mind when searching in this neighborhood. First, many homes are in need of major renovations, so consider whether you are willing to take on a big project or are looking for something move-in ready.

Additionally, many homes in Black Rock are two-family homes, which can be a great investment (renting out one unit can usually cover most of your mortgage) but requires the additional responsibility of becoming a landlord. 

Finally, Black Rock covers a rather large expanse of the city but the main thoroughfare (sometimes referred to as Downtown Black Rock) is Amherst Street. Houses closer to Amherst are the most convenient and will almost certainly be of higher value.