Spotlight: Kenmore

The neighborhood of the month for January is Kenmore! Kenmore is just about as close to the city as you can get while still being a suburb - and it is affordable and freakin’ CUTE. If you’re a first time home buyer with your sights set on the ever more expensive North Buffalo, I encourage you to expand your search just the slightest bit North - where you will find an abundance of well-maintained homes in the $150k range. As an added bonus, Kenmore has a whole host of delicious food and entertaining things to do, so you won’t even have to make that five minute drive across Kenmore Avenue to get to the city.

Some Kenmore Must-Do’s:

Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria: In my personal opinion, this is the best wood fired pizza in the Buffalo area. Please, please, try “the Amanda” pizza. That drizzle of honey is just the most.

La Divina Mexican Store: This place is beloved for its simple, authentic, home-style tacos. And the store is filled with kitschy decor and a nice array of Mexican groceries.

King Condrell’s Candy & Ice Cream: Condrell’s has an ice cream menu that is like, five pages long. Enough said.

Kenmore Lanes: Just your friendly neighborhood bowling alley. What better way to spend a weekend afternoon than bowling, beer, and arcade games?

Housing in Kenmore

Kenmore is home to both single family and double homes, and both styles are quite affordable. The single family homes currently on the market are priced at an average of $156k, while the doubles are priced at an average of $167k. Not bad, especially when you consider that comparable houses are going for a lot more just a few minutes south. As a bonus, houses in Kenmore tend to be pretty well-maintained and updated, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a move-in ready house.

Interested in buying your first home in Kenmore? Let’s talk.