Spotlight: University Heights

April's neighborhood is University Heights. University Heights is located in the very northernmost point of the city, just before you hit the suburbs of Amherst and Kenmore. It surrounds the University at Buffalo's South Campus on both the East and West sides of Main Street. University Heights has its own little scene, with restaurants, bars, and shops to explore, and housing spanning from student doubles to statelier single family homes. Parts of this neighborhood can feel so tucked away and cozy it is almost suburban - and yet it is so convenient to the subway and Main Street that the city feels like it is right at your fingertips. 

Some University Heights Must-Do's: 

Parkside Candies: This totally charming, recently renovated 1927 candy and ice cream shop is the perfect place for a cheesy date night or a night out with family. Have an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top, and take some sponge candy to go. 

Lake Effect Diner: Another classic spot out of another era! You might have seen this place featured on "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives" - it's got an extensive menu and excellent milkshakes. 

Amy's Place: This is a beloved Buffalo joint, known especially for its vegetarian and vegan options. The perfect place for breakfast or lunch on a budget. 

Sato Ramen: A few years ago, ramen in Buffalo meant the stuff college kids eat out from the microwave. No longer. This is the best spot for ramen in the city - they even have a Buffalo chicken version to keep it fresh and local. 

Ming: My family swears by this restaurant as the best Chinese food in the city. It's pricier and slower than the stuff you might be used to - but oh man, is it worth it. 

Dipson Amherst Theater: This is always the theater playing the movies I want to see. Plus they have discount tickets and half price popcorn every Tuesday. 

Farmer's Market: Something I love about University Heights is the strong effort from the community to keep it inclusive and responsive to the needs of its residents. The Farmer's Market provides fresh produce to the community throughout the summer. 

University Heights Tool Library:  How cool is this? A non-profit organization set up to lend tools and other resources to community residents who wish to make updates and repairs to their homes and communities. An excellent resource for the city as a whole. 

Housing in University Heights

University Heights, like many other neighborhoods in the city, is diverse in its residents and housing stock. In this neighborhood you'll find stately family homes (like those on Pelham Dr. or University Ave.), modest single family homes (on streets on both sides of Main St.), and student housing in various forms (doubles and singles). 

Thinking about buying a home in University Heights? Contact me. 

Margaret Healy