April's Beautiful Streets

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Earlier this month, after an afternoon spent gawking at houses in the Elmwood Village, I posed a question on social media: what are the most beautiful streets in the city? Fans of the blog did not disappoint - I spent the day jotting down suggestion after suggestion of Buffalo's most glorious avenues, boulevards and alleyways. I wound up with a list that not only included drool-worthy rows of mansions in Central Park, but also colorful cottages on the West Side, tree-canopied brick streets on the East Side, and South Buffalo's most eye-catching line ups of abodes. 

So, I started exploring - in no particular order. In April, I took a trip to Argyle Park in the Elmwood Village, Tillinghast Place in North Buffalo, and Meadow Road near Delaware Park. Below are some photo highlights - but trust me when I say it is better in person! Get out there and go house peeping. 


Argyle Park: 

Tillinghast Place (spot the Frank Lloyd Wright house): 

Meadow Road: 

Margaret Healy