Spotlight: Downtown Buffalo

Many people in Buffalo don't think of Downtown as a neighborhood to LIVE - it's more of a place to drive for work or for a Canalside concert, a Sabres game, or a show at Shea's. However, a growing population is choosing to live in this increasingly vibrant part of the city - and as more and more folks move in, the area becomes more livable and amenable to residents. There are truly endless numbers of things to do, see, and eat in Downtown Buffalo (I could never list them all), so this week I decided to do one cool thing per day. My list is below!

Monday: Coffee from Overwinter Coffee.

Overwinter the latest cafe to hit Downtown. It's an unassuming little spot with a great view of the gold dome and some seriously tasty coffee. In nice weather, the little blue tables outside are the perfect place to start the day (and week). 

Tuesday: Street Art

I roamed the streets looking for good art, heading to the Cobblestone District and Canalside for some of their more iconic pieces (Shark Girl is my bestie). And of course, I jumped around in front of the "Welcome to Buffalo" mural on Ellicott Street. 

Wednesday: Cocktails from Marble & Rye

Marble & Rye cocktails are the best. At least, that's what my cocktail-drinking friends tell me. I'm a lightweight prone to headaches so I get mocktails - and those are amazing too! 

As a bonus, Wednesday night is M&R's $15 burger and beer special - not bad! 

Thursday: Big Buck Hunter at the Hotel Lafayette

It seems like many people may not be aware that a fun little arcade game room exists at the Lafayette, open to anyone who wishes to play. Big Buck Hunter has become a favorite of mine, not because I would ever hunt in real life, but because I have begun to find it somehow soothing to shoot 32 cartoon electric eels with a plastic rifle (what can I say, we're living in stressful times and I'll take whatever works!). 

Friday: Ice Cream from Jerk's

Jerk's took a chance on the 500 block of Main Street, and I'm so glad they did. Their menu is enormous, and if you want an old fashioned malt, egg cream, or sundae, they should be your go-to! 


Margaret Healy