Spotlight: South Buffalo


South Buffalo might just be the best place for first-time home buyers in all of Western New York (yep, I said it). Here's why:

  • It's absolutely affordable. Single family homes on the market in the 14220 zip code are currently an average of around $135,000 - and the city's taxes are way lower than comparably priced suburbs. 
  • The houses are in good shape. Other Buffalo neighborhoods are chock full of fixer-uppers. But South Buffalo has been a stable neighborhood of homeowners, and the condition of the houses reflect that. 
  • It's convenient. It's about a ten minute drive to Downtown Buffalo, a hop, skip, and a jump to the 190, and an easy bike ride to the fun happening in Larkinville. 
  • It's livable. You don't need to leave the neighborhood to enjoy a beautiful Olmsted Park and an up and coming business district full of restaurants, shops, and other businesses. 

Here are some things to do and see in South Buffalo. 

The progress at the newly renovated Shea's Seneca.

The progress at the newly renovated Shea's Seneca.

Nine-Eleven Tavern - Many folks swear by this place as the best spot for wings in Buffalo. 

Ko-Ed Candies - Authentic sponge candy and other confectionary delights! 

The Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub - As seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! 

Doc Sullivan's - As recently reviewed by Michael Stern (5-stars of course). A great spot for drinks and bar food. 

Dog Ears Café and Bookstore - Just the best little independent bookstore. And they've got good food and coffee too. 

Shea's Seneca - This isn't ready for the public yet, but I just had to include it! This is going to be an incredible event space and apartment complex, right on Seneca Street. 

Margaret Healy