Spotlight: Kaisertown

When I was in ninth grade, I made this cool group of new friends. They had all gone to the same Catholic elementary school (RIP, Saint Bernard's), and lived within a small radius of each other in a little neighborhood called Kaisertown. As a North Buffalo kid, I was totally unfamiliar with this neighborhood but immediately smitten. Everyone had a front porch. Everyone went trick or treating the night BEFORE Halloween (Beggar's Night!). There was a fun place to get ice cream called Major Cool Off. I made it my business to spend pretty much all of my ninth grade weekends in Kaisertown. 

Today, I'm still a big fan of this neighborly and sweet part of the city. Nestled on the southeast side, Kaisertown is centered on Clinton Street, bordered by the Buffalo River, the 190, and the Thruway. It's a hop, skip, and a jump to Downtown, South Buffalo, and Larkinville. 

Why consider Kaisertown in your home search? Well, houses are affordable (single family Kaisertown homes are currently listed at an average of $79,600 - the most expensive listing is just under $140,000). They're also well-maintained and cute - just take a walk around the neighborhood and note the numerous adorable front yard gardens. The nearby Houghton Park - complete with pool, fountain, tennis court, and basketball court - is a great asset for residents. Clinton Street is another bonus - while it's not necessarily home to a lot of hip bars or coffee shops, it is home to a whole lot of conveniences, like hardware stores, barber shops, laundromats and dentist's offices. And if hip is not what you're looking for, there ARE some good bars and restaurants to choose from - especially the legendary Weichec's. 

Take a drive, walk around, feel the K-Town love. And get a fish-fry while you're at it. 

Margaret Healy